Platform collapses at San Diego gym, injuring 21 children

Platform collapses at San Diego gym, injuring 21 children

Platform collapses at San Diego gym, injuring 21 children

A stairway collapse at a crowded San Diego parkour facility injured 21 children and two adults on Saturday evening.

Vault PK specializes in parkour, a sport that requires athletes to complete obstacle courses often by launching themselves from structure to structure.

Firefighters say the number hurt could rise.

According to the San Diego Fire Department, the injuries were considered minor to moderate.

AT least 21 kids have been left injured after a stairwell collapsed at a San Diego gym.

"It could have been much worse", he said. "The platform these kids were going up was real sketchy, you could tell it wasn't going to hold all that weight", Brizendine said. Distressed parents rushed to the facility to be reunited with their children. Children were also running up and down the stairwell to get pizza just before the incident, another parent told the newspaper.

Firefighters said they join numerous parents in being grateful this wasn't much worse. His son, who was there for a birthday party, suffered minor scrapes after being on the platform when it fell. He says his 16-year-old daughter is still in the hospital with a broken pelvis and broken arm. She said she went inside to get him out and saw one child with blood covering his face.

"It was business as usual until we heard a loud boom come from the gym, at which point our staff and some customers ran over to the gym to help any way we could", Total Combat Paint said in the statement.

After the incident children were seen huddled in groups - some with their parents and guardians - outside the center, as emergency service vehicles lined the area.

Engineers issued neither a red nor yellow tag for the building since the structure that collapsed was indoors.

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