Livery Driver Attacked With Hockey Stick, Crashes, Dies

Livery Driver Attacked With Hockey Stick, Crashes, Dies

Livery Driver Attacked With Hockey Stick, Crashes, Dies

A 68-year-old Uber driver died in an accident shortly after a pedestrian beat him over the head with a hockey stick in New York's Chelsea district on Saturday, Nov. 11, according to reports.

Kosugi has been charged with manslaughter and is expected to face a judge this week.

According to police, Kosugi hit the 68-year-old Tolk's 2010 Toyota Camry with his hockey stick after the vehicle almost struck him while he was in the crosswalk.

It's not clear what led to the altercation, but witnesses said Kosugi began striking Tolk's auto with his hockey stick, and Tolk got out to confront him, according to CBS New York.

Tolk got out of his vehicle and confronted Kosugi, who then knocked the grandfather of three down with the hockey stick and continued to strike him while he was down, according to police.

He was pronounced dead at a local hospital. It is not clear whether it was the blow from the hockey stick or crash-related trauma that killed the man.

"The attacker is a coward and should be in jail, beating an elderly man with a hockey stick is unforgivable", New York Federation of Taxi Drivers spokesperson Fernando Mateo said.

An Uber driver has died after being attacked by a pedestrian with a hockey stick, police say.

Uber said he was off-duty at the time of the attack. The family lost their home in West New York, New Jersey, in 2010, and Tolk stayed behind while his wife moved west to be closer to their sons, Andrew and Prescott, Andrew Tolk said.

The Medical Examiner's Office said the manner and cause of his death had not yet been determined.

Kosugi says on Linkedin that he is a medical doctor in the greater NY area, but a search of public records in NY state does not show that he is licensed to practice medicine there.

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