Arthur Blank and Jerry Jones avoid each other before teams play

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports some owners have discussed forcing Jones to sell the team.

According to King, Jones' demands over Goodell's contract have not gone over well with the competition committee.

In the ongoing battle over Commissioner Roger Goodell's contract, Stephen Jones is reacting to the owners' nuclear option basically the same way the owners are reacting to Jerry Jones' nuclear option. Objecting discreetly to Goodell's contract through proper internal channels is one thing; the decision to constantly air out the league's dirty laundry is another.

An attorney representing Jones said last week that the Cowboys owner had sent a letter to league counsel that was shared with the other NFL owners that said they were being misled during the negotiations.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may not have contact with Ezekiel Elliott, but he said is not concerned with what his suspended running back will do over the next five games.

"I asked what the feelings of the Compensation Committee members were after they got off the call". Cohen claims Blank told owners that the compensation committee would vote unanimously on Goodell's deal.

The NFL's Constitution and Bylaws contains a resolution, passed in 1997, that would make Jones responsible for the legal fees, litigation expenses, and costs incurred by the league and by its teams. "He was still in favor early in August'".

Goodell's current contract runs through 2019 and paid him $31.7 million in 2015, the past year for which his salary was reported.

The fight between Jones and the committee has raised the tension in other ways.

Fox cameras noticed that the Cowboys and Falcons owners did not exchange pregame pleasantries despite standing just yards from one another at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This shows just how upset other National Football League owners are at Jones for attempting to muscle the handling of Goodell, despite his reasoning being sound.

Now, he's taken yet another hit and it involves his threats of a lawsuit.

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