Tavern turns off National Football League games, raises fund for veterans

Tavern turns off National Football League games, raises fund for veterans

Tavern turns off National Football League games, raises fund for veterans

Spagnola, a Wilkes-Barre resident who graduated from Penn State in 2003, isn't a veteran himself, but said he has several family members who have served in the Army and Navy from the World War II era to the present day in.

The San Francisco 49ers continued to be the league's leading protestors, as safety Eric Reid and receiver Marquise Goodwin again took a knee during the national anthem, as they have done all season.

"We're sending the National Football League, its corporate sponsors, and the television networks a message this Veterans Day weekend!" said a 2ndVote statement.

Despite declining ratings, the National Football League recently announced that it will continue to allow the controversial protests to continue.

In response to the player's protests, a social media campaign called "Boycott the NFL" with 227,000 Facebook followers asked fans to boycott Sunday's football games "in solidarity with veterans around the country", according to the Washington Times.

When San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick first refused to stand during the national anthem a year ago, both critics and supporters weighed in on what kind of message that sent.

The NFL has been embroiled in the controversy over some players and teams refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Disgruntled fans who side with the president have also called for players to be punished for their actions. No NFL players knelt during the early games on Sunday, according to the New York Daily News.

"NFL players are union members and part of the labor movement that has woven the fabric of America for generations". He kneeled during the anthem before Sunday's matchup against the 49ers, his first game back after missing four games with an ankle injury. They then all stood during the anthem, with some players and coaches locking arms.

Although it was noticed during the early NFL games on Sunday that no players had as of then made a decision to take a knee during the national anthem this Veteran's Day weekend, it didn't take long for the good will to fade.

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