Netanyahu: Israel will act in Syria 'in accordance with our security needs'

Netanyahu: Israel will act in Syria 'in accordance with our security needs'

Netanyahu: Israel will act in Syria 'in accordance with our security needs'

The official added that the "bottom-line principle is that all foreign terrorists and militia fighters must leave these areas and ultimately leave Syria altogether", including those controlled by Iran, but also emphasized that securing this outcome was the task of the Russians, who "have agreed to work with the Syrian regime to remove Iranian-backed forces a defined distance from opposition-held territory as well as the borders of the Golan in Jordan".

Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz told The Associated Press the agreement is a positive development.

Israel has lobbied against allowing Iran to maintain any foothold in Syria.

Israel has shot down a drone over the Syrian Golan Heights, confirmed the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Israel has reportedly carried out over 100 airstrikes on Iranian and Hezbollah weapons convoys in Syria since 2012, including a November 2 attack on a facility near Homs, north of Damascus, where it was believed rockets were being manufactured.

The agreement, announced in a U.S.

The statement, attributed to an Israeli diplomatic official by London-based Asharq Al-Awsat, said Russian Federation had refused the Israeli request for a 40 kilometer (25 miles) buffer zone, but expressed willingness to extend a 10-15 kilometer off-limits zone.

He also said the deal was a "key step" in ending the fighting in Syria and would help lead to a political solution to the Syrian civil war, according to the country's al-Ghad newspaper.

The official speaker of the army of Israel Yonatan Conicus refuted the statement saying that the downed drone belonged to Russian Federation.

In July, the Times of London reported that Israel was pushing Russian Federation and the United States for an agreement that would prevent "Hezbollah or other Iranian-backed militias" from operating in the area, which would extend some 30 miles (48 kilometers) beyond the Israeli-Syrian border on the Golan Heights. The Iranian and other allied military presence, with all this quantity and depth, establishes a reality that cannot be disregarded as a danger to the region in general rather than to Israel, which has a huge destructive military power and an American ally it can rely on. Due to these concerns Israel has admitted to carrying out some 100 airstrikes against Hezbollah targets and weapons convoys over the past five years. Israel has vowed to prevent the Shiite organization, which holds positions along Israel's northern border with Lebanon, from obtaining game-changing weaponry.

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