Another Pixel 2 XL problem, this one with touch panel edge response

Now there's a new bug to add to the list: unresponsive spots near the edge of the screen. Apparently, some Pixel 2 XL owners have been having trouble with the display's touch responsiveness.

Because the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have minimal bezels, Google designed it with the idea that it would protect the phone from accidental swipes. However, tapping on the edges is not always detected by the handset. The feature prevents slight, unintended touches on the screen to register as a command, but the problem shows that Google might have gone overboard with it. On my own personal Pixel 2 XL, the behavior is very similar, but with instances where taps do end up working as intended.

Google seems to be aware of the issue and a Community Manager on the forum has replied to the original post saying, "The team has been investigating, and this will be addressed in a future OTA update".

There have been a variety of Google Pixel 2 XL display problems that have frustrated owners of the smartphone. He revealed that Google is now working on a fix to solve the problem. These include cases of burn-ins, green lines, and flashing screens.

As spotted by AndroidPolice, a large number of users on Pixel 2 have reported on Google's support forum that the preloaded Google Assistant doesn't work when they use it through Bluetooth headphones. Now, in the latest reports, the company is going to fix an issue that is related to the Pixel 2 XL. Cautious customers might want to go for the smaller HTC-made Pixel 2 instead.

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