Policy Move on YouTube Kids Hopes to Kill Inappropriate Child-targeted Content

Policy Move on YouTube Kids Hopes to Kill Inappropriate Child-targeted Content

Policy Move on YouTube Kids Hopes to Kill Inappropriate Child-targeted Content

YouTube has touted its YouTube Kids app as a great way for preschoolers to more safely watch videos, supposedly filtered for their appropriateness.

In August of this year, Youtube announced it would not allow video creators to make money off of the "inappropriate use of family characters". If the review finds the video is in violation of the new policy, it will be age restrictied, automatically blocking it from showing up in the Kids app.

Some of the videos involved characters such as Spiderman, The Joker, Elsa from Frozen or Peppa Pig in weird scenarios, often without any kind of context or story to them. These videos feature keyword-stuffed titles that seem to be aimed at luring in as many clicks as possible, and many of these involve the fictional character Elsa, as well as Spiderman and other superhero characters.

YouTube says it screens videos to pull inappropriate ones from its children-oriented YouTube Kids app, and encourages people to flag any videos they view as inappropriate on its platforms. Families that use the regular YouTube app instead of YouTube Kids will want to check their account restrictions if they don't want these videos popping up unexpectedly. But these videos aren't going away, and some would argue that many of them are satires or parodies, both of which are permissible under YouTube guidelines. However, Youtube said the change was not in direct response to recent coverage but that it had been formulating this new policy for a while. Fishing for hits by using keywords is not in and of itself against the rules, so long as those keywords are somehow relevant to the video, but the videos in question cross the line by virtue of their extremely freaky content, which often takes advantage of common tropes in pediatric psychology to get and keep kids hooked.

Yet despite YouTube's efforts, there are still plenty of creepy, kid-targeted videos on its sites. What we need is child protection'. YouTube aims to keep these away from young viewers.

This is not the first time that YouTube parodies of children's cartoons have stirred controversy.

The videos on this channel are very sexual in nature but on the outside looks like videos designed for kids.

In one, a cig-smoking, knife-toting "gangster" pig threatens the fairy princess from kids' favourite Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. Parents can restrict their child's video watching experience to a limited set of content by turning off the Search functionality with the help of the parental settings.

The Verge previously reported the move.

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