Kylie Jenner Sparks Engagement Rumors With Latest Snap

Kylie Jenner Sparks Engagement Rumors With Latest Snap

Kylie Jenner Sparks Engagement Rumors With Latest Snap

To put it lightly, there is a mini-war taking place inside the Jenner clan.

The model took a Snap of a recent shopping trip for snacks and tampons which left fans speculating if she is actually pregnant.

Whether Kylie is attempting to tell us something or not is yet to be decided, however we just wish she would stop with the hints and give us some definitive information.

And while Jenner was organizing her purses, one of which just so happened to be pink, she called her accessory collection "the babies".

It might be time for Kylie Jenner to finally come out of hiding.

While she's yet to publicly confirm her reported pregnancy, fans are keeping a close eye on her social media accounts in the hope of finding a hint.

"Kylie is a wreck emotionally at the moment".

It has been claimed that Kylie knew what she was doing all along, and shared the picture of the tampons to confuse those following her alleged pregnancy. But, Ky is exhausted of hiding and keeping it a mystery. She hates the fact that she has to keep it a big secret for Kris. "It's created a lot of tension between the two of them and there was already a lot of tension, to begin with".

The family added: "Kylie wants to do a similar shoot, with her style, flair, and creativity to share her news with the world".

Kylie has not been seen in public or taken fully body pics since the pregnancy news broke. Kylie has been busy taking meetings, brainstorming with some wonderful artists and photographers in the planning of what she hopes will be her sexiest and most liked Instagram post ever.

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