Oh no! Prime Minister Abe tumbles into bunker during round with Trump

Oh no! Prime Minister Abe tumbles into bunker during round with Trump

Oh no! Prime Minister Abe tumbles into bunker during round with Trump

In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rolled out an elaborate welcome ceremony at Akasaka Palace, partnered him with a golf champion for a round at Japan's top course, gave him a MAGA-inspired hat, and suggested that Trump was his "favorite guy".

When the embarrassing incident occurred at Kasumigaseki Country Club on November 5, Trump apparently didn't even notice, the Daily Mail reports.

Naturally, the media seized upon's Trump apparent clumsiness, quickly harvesting the necessary online mockery to provide the wider-social and political context of the fish food gaffe, while also highlighting the potential fatal consequences for those being fed.

Golfing buddies Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe relaxed with a hamburger lunch and a quick nine holes on the course Sunday, ahead of a high-stakes summit on the North Korea crisis. Trump doesn't even follow Abe on Twitter.

Abe also called Trump his "dear friend" and hailed the benefits of what he called "golf diplomacy".

At the time Trump tweeted a photograph in which he was wearing a white baseball cap and polo shirt, high-fiveing Abe who was dressed in white trousers and a navy blue cap.

Abe's golf ball at one point got stuck in a sand bunker.

However, Abe's fall didn't appear to negatively affect his and Trump's relationship, as they both tweeted cordially about the outing. Trump tweeted, accompanied by a photo of his own golf swing. Atmosphere invites stimulating conversation. Trump got that, too, plus a private tour of the Forbidden City by President Xi Jinping, an outdoor opera, and gleeful children shouting: "Welcome to China!"

The 71-year-old Trump said the length of the trip would not be an issue for him.

The two did not keep score, according to a senior USA official, but Abe joked that the score was a matter of national security. "So I saw him and it worked out just fine", Trump recalled, saying, from that moment on, they'd been close.

"It's a lot of jobs for us and a lot of safety for Japan", the president added.

"I don't know if it's as good as ours, I think not".

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