Boucher arraigned in Paul assault case

Boucher arraigned in Paul assault case

Boucher arraigned in Paul assault case

According to Fox New's Shepard Smith, sources in Paul's office have been told to expect federal charges shortly. He showed no emotion and kept his head down.

Warren County prosecutor Amy Milliken didn't provide any more details but said her office was working with Kentucky State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Paul tweeted about his injuries Wednesday, sharing the news about his broken ribs and adding that he had a pleural effusion, which is an accumulation of fluid resulting from inflammation or changes in pressure in the chest. It wasn't until 5 hours later that the extent of Paul's injuries was known and police returned and made an arrest.

"I hope that that doesn't happen", Baker said.

"And the research that I have done thus far would indicate that there's no applicability of the federal statute that appears to address the issue", he said.

He said that he's still investigating the cause of the attack.

Initial reports on the incident suggested that the alleged assault was prompted by a dispute between Paul and his neighbor about the senator's landscaping.

He said his client and Paul were having a conversation when Paul was working in his yard.

The man charged with attacking Kentucky Sen. Paul's ribs were broken. "This was not a 'fight, ' it was a blindside, violent attack by a disturbed person".

On a docket featuring several dozen misdemeanors, traffic cases and defendants who had spent the previous night in jail, Boucher's case was called first by Warren District Judge Brent Potter. Paul seemed to confirm that there was no ongoing dispute with Boucher.

According to the neighbor, Paul and Boucher share a property line in a gated community and have a long-running dispute over grass clippings and leaves blown onto each others' lawns. He was released Saturday on a $7,500 cash bond that forbids him from any contact with Paul, his family or offices.

Rob Porter, a friend of the Libertarian former presidential candidate, previously said Paul was tackled when he bent over to move a tree limb while mowing the lawn. Boucher may not have spoken with Paul in years, but he was potentially getting an earful about Paul via the media.

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