Trump's China Visit: Boeing Inks $37 Billion Deal To Sell 300 Aircraft

Trump's China Visit: Boeing Inks $37 Billion Deal To Sell 300 Aircraft

Trump's China Visit: Boeing Inks $37 Billion Deal To Sell 300 Aircraft

In 2015, three companies in China agreed to purchase 300 aircraft from Boeing with the announcement of that deal coming when Xi made a state visit to the United States.

Boeing has signed a deal Thursday the will have the airplane maker selling 300 planes worth over $37 billion to the China Aviation Suppliers Holding Company.

Chinese state television also reported that USA planemaker Boeing had signed $37 billion in commercial deals in China as part of Trump's visit.

On Wednesday, Boeing Co. confirmed that they've won the Chinese deal according to which they will be selling three hundred planes to China, worth nearly $37 billion.

The state-run aviation company which leases planes to top Chinese planes said that the order was for 260 B-737s and 40 B777s and B787s.

The agreement includes orders and commitments for 300 Boeing single-aisle and twin-aisle airplanes.

Boeing had 334 orders by unidentified customers as of October 24, of which 290 were for its 737 narrow body family.

Boeing says one out of every four jetliners now rolling off its assembly lines is being delivered to Chinese customers, suggesting Chinese demand is strong, despite vagueness about how many actual Chinese orders it has won.

Boeing and China will continue to work on mutually beneficial ways to grow and support the aviation market, according to Boeing.

This is not the first time China Aviation Supplies has been involved with large deals during previous government exchanges.

In July, it agreed to buy 140 aircraft from Airbus in a deal worth $23 billion at list prices during a visit by Xi to Germany. Records show that Boeing has in fact sold 155 aircrafts to China last year, and this year already a quarter of their jet planes have been sold to Chinese customers.

U.S. President Donald Trump visited China this week and announced that his visit helped to finalize more than $250 billion worth of new deals between China and the U.S. However, it is not known if the new deals will end up living up to the lofty expectations that the president said they would.

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