'Doctor Who': First Look At Jodie Whittaker As New Time Lord

'Doctor Who': First Look At Jodie Whittaker As New Time Lord

'Doctor Who': First Look At Jodie Whittaker As New Time Lord

Jodie Whittaker makes her debut on "Doctor Who" after Peter Capaldi's departure during the "Doctor Who" Christmas Special, "Twice Upon a Time".

For the uninitiated, "Doctor Who" follows a hyper-intelligent time-traveler who journeys across time and space and encounters all manner of odd life forms and obstacles to overcome. She is the first female star of the long-running sci-fi series, and is pictured on a grassy plain with the TARDIS behind her. She deserves a chance to shine, and to show every one of her detractors that she can be just as great, if not better, than any Doctor that has come before.

Reactions ranged from adoration to anger. She also wears a coat, as all Doctors do, though hers looks lighter and a bit more modern than previous tweed numbers.

One shared the news on social media with the caption "New series". The Doctor has never looked quite this free-spirited, with the yellow suspenders, turquoise trousers, and rainbow-striped gray shirt adding a colorful vitality to the character.

Diana Stewart of Akron agreed, saying the show was "jumping the shark" with the costume.

"That outfit would look bad on anyone who wore it", A man who identifies himself as Jack O'Tears commented on a post by the Facebook Page "Geeks are Sexy".

There are a lot of colors present in Whittaker's costume; once again a touch that seems to look to the Doctor Who days of old.

However, most reactions appeared positive.

What do you think about the Doctor's new outfit? The picture was tweeted by the show's official twitter account and gives us a first look at the latest Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker.

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