Sia gives out her nude photo 'free'

Sia gives out her nude photo 'free'

Sia gives out her nude photo 'free'

Sia shared a picture, which showed her naked from behind, on Instagram and Twitter.

While there's nothing wrong with celebs posing nude when it's their choice, these photos most likely were taken by paparazzi without her permission.

'Save your money, here it is for free.

The Australian singer, best known for an oversized, multicolored wig, routinely hides in public and even on stage.

The mysterious Australian singer-songwriter made a decision to take matters into her own hands and publish the nude pic herself, rather than let others make money off it.

The "Chandelier" singer-songwriter's bold tweet received plenty of support from fellow celebrities and her fans.

Fans praised Sia, who has also written songs for artists including Beyonce, Katy Perry and Adele, for her courage in posting the picture. Many commenters were unsympathetic to the victims, claiming that women shouldn't take nude photos if they don't expect for them to be seen. Another added, "I've always loved Sia". By sharing the photo for free, she could be stopping people from paying for it, sending a message to the photographer that could hit them in the wallet, right where it hurts. And she deserves it.

Sia has always been clear about her dislike of the spotlight in general.

As if we needed another reason to love Sia. This is totally a "did she really do that?" moment. The incidents of nude photos and videos leaked online seem like a routine act.

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