Nvidia unveils Star Wars Titan Xp

Nvidia unveils Star Wars Titan Xp

Nvidia unveils Star Wars Titan Xp

The retail packaging is equally impressive and something you'll most certainly want to hang on to or even display as part of your Star Wars collection.

The new Star Wars-themed Titan Xp Collector's Edition should be available for pre-order tomorrow with a price set at United States $1199.99/£1149.

GeForce Experience users get exclusive pre-order access to purchase the Jedi Order and Galactic Empire TITAN Xp editions before the cards are broadly available in mid-November. Each card also has their faction's emblem prominently displayed on the illuminated blower fan. To create this effect, the company subjected the card's die-cast aluminium finished cover to "extensive, corrosive salt spray".

The Galactic Empire version features a sleek black shroud, which is indicative of the infinite resources and orderly nature of the Empire.

And because these are powerful Titan Xp graphics cards, they're going to come at a heavy price.

Outside of their designs, these are both Titan Xp GPUs. It also comes with a whopping 3,840 CUDA cores.

This would be Nvidia's third Titan X release this cycle. As such, Nvidia confirmed that the cards will be priced at $1,200 Dollars (~R17,000 ZAR).

In that sense, these cards are asking you to pick between the light side and the dark side. In this special case, Nvidia is restricting that to one of each colour.

What's most surprising is this special edition version won't cost any more than the normal Titan Xp at $1,200 (£1,149, AU$1,950). Following preorders, both cards are set for launch in "mid-November", NVIDIA says.

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