Matthew Scully-Hicks found guilty of murdering baby Elsie

Matthew Scully-Hicks found guilty of murdering baby Elsie

Matthew Scully-Hicks found guilty of murdering baby Elsie

Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, inflicted a catalogue of injuries - including bruises, a broken leg and a fall down a full flight of stairs - on Elsie in the eight months he had care of her.

The child Elsie was being taken care of by Matthew when she suffered a cardiac arrest and was admitted to University Hospital of Wales.

Doctors felt the one-year-old would not survive based on the head injuries she had incurred, with bleeding found on both sides of her brain.

The fitness instructor showed no emotion when he was sentenced to a minimum of 18 years in prison.

Cardiff Crown Court heard how he struggled to cope with being the primary carer for Elsie as his husband, Craig Scully-Hicks, 36, worked full-time.

Scully-Hicks denied murdering her but was found guilty by a jury after a four week trial.

Consultant paediatrician Dr Stephen Rose said he believed Elsie's injuries were caused by being 'shaken violently'.

After the tragic death police examined electronic devices belonging to Scully-Hicks. She's not responding to me. According to him, the incident occurred as he had not closed the gate properly. "Oh my God, she's being sick".

"His actions on the late afternoon of May 25 were the tragic culmination of a course of violent conduct on his part towards a defenceless child - an infant that he should have loved and protected, but whom he instead assaulted, abused, and ultimately murdered", said prosecutor Paul Lewis QC.

"It was a gross abuse of that trust", said the judge.

On September 29 2016 he messaged his husband to call the baby, "Satan dressed up in a baby grow", the court heard.

"I'm going through hell with Elsie".

"Mealtimes and bedtime are like my worst nightmare at the moment. She has been up there screaming for 10 minutes non-stop".

Neighbour Susan Bevan, who lived in the joining semi-detached house to the couple, said things changed when Elsie moved in.

"In itself this was devastating news but to then be informed that one of the parents who had adopted her had been charged with murder and was allegedly responsible for her death was completely incomprehensible", Ms O'Brien added. I would like to thank all of them, including the many witnesses who assisted the prosecution.

"Elsie was aged just 18 months when you killed her, a young, vulnerable and defenceless child", Judge Nicola Davies ruled in her sentence, following a four-week trial of the murder which took place in the Scully-Hicks' hometown of Cardiff, Wales.

"This case represents an extremely rare and distressing set of circumstances".

South Wales Police Cardiff shared a post regarding this case on their Facebook page.

But less than two weeks later baby Elsie died after suffering traumatic head injuries.

"Our thoughts are with Elsie's family at this hard time".

Hours before the attack, Matthew Scully-Hicks had taken her shopping at Marks & Spencer for an outfit to wear at a party to celebrate her adoption.

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