Google tests Files Go file manager for Android

Google tests Files Go file manager for Android

Google tests Files Go file manager for Android

The fake version contained ads and could download software to users' devices.

The Update WhatsApp Messenger App appeared in Google's official Android application marketplace and was labeled as being made by WhatsApp Inc - the maker of the genuine free messaging app.

As per reports, a version of popular mobile game Temple Run 2 can also be found which was uploaded in October. As users reported, the fake Whatsapp update was a Trojan horse, which is a program that claims to be a genuine program but instead introduces viruses onto your computer.

If you're anxious about having a fake version of WhatsApp on your Android phone, here's how to check if you have downloaded the real thing.

More than a million people have downloaded a fake version of WhatsApp onto their Android devices before Google could block the app and remove it from the Google Play store. The app has a dashboard that shows how much storage your phone has left, includes a button to clear cached files, and it highlights large files you can delete to free up space.

The developer for the app should be WhatsApp Inc and it should have a PEGI 3 rating.

To start with, go to Settings and then find the Apps section and click on WhatsApp.

The developer of the app cunningly programmed it to appear exactly like the legitimate app.

"The general line for Android safety remains downloading apps from Google Play, mostly because these incidents where malware or aggressive adware makes it in their marketplace are sufficiently rare and quickly handled", Arsene said. However, the app is available from APKMirror for download.

Experts warned that the malicious apps can take control of devices without the user's knowledge. Google seems to be working on this app right now and that's the only reason why it doesn't have its own stable version yet.

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