Fox will no longer sell most of their company to Disney

Fox will no longer sell most of their company to Disney

Fox will no longer sell most of their company to Disney

Yesterday, CNBC reported that the Walt Disney Company was in talks to acquire 21st Century Fox's film division, as well as most of its cable assets.

The report stresses that talks are in the very early stages, and that the deal could be affected by the US's antitrust laws. DEADLINE's Chmielewski & Hayes noted in the short term, most Wall Street analysts and media observers see "plenty of upside for Disney but murkier prospects for Fox" (, 11/6).

The two sides aren't talking now, and may never come back to the table again. In addition global assets such as Star and BSkyB, he reported that Disney is seeking to add entertainment networks such as FX and Nat Geo.

According to CNBC, Disney would only purchase a portion of Fox, with the deal likely to exclude the Fox broadcast network, Fox's sports assets, Fox News and Fox Business.

Traditional entertainment heavy weights are jostling for scale and content as they fend off the burgeoning entertainment offerings of what used to be mostly distribution platforms, including Facebook and Google, as well as streaming powerhouses Netflix and Amazon. United Kingdom media regulator Ofcom, though, determined that even coupled with News Corp, which owns three British newspapers and is also controlled by the Murdochs, the powerful media family's assets would still be considered only the third-largest provider of news in the United Kingdom.

Disney in August announced a new direct-to-consumer streaming service to compete with Netflix that will cut Netflix out of much of its content mix.

While Fox's film division has struggled of late, it does have several popular franchises including James Cameron's Avatar, which has four sequels now in development.

See, Fox controls the film rights to X-Men, Fantastic Four, and all related properties.

The biggest aspect here is the purchase of the film studio. According to sources, Fox wants to trim its focus to sports and news, a response to the rapidly changing media landscape; this change in focus could result in the majority of 21st Century Fox being sold to Disney, giving the media giant yet another movie studio.

With the popularity of comic book movies, those characters have led to a box office bonanza.

"I need Disney to finalize these talks so I can get the f4 and the X-Men standing alongside the Avengers and the Guardians", tweeted one fan.

Give us X-Men. That's all we ask. That's right, Marvel's first family and the X-Men are big properties owned by Fox that could soon be folded into the Marvel universe.

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