Facebook Messenger payments arrive in the UK

Facebook Messenger payments arrive in the UK

Facebook Messenger payments arrive in the UK

Facebook has let users send money to friends and family through its Facebook Messenger app for well over two years.

A Facebook spokesperson didn't share details with Recode but also didn't deny the existence of the mobile payment test, which was first discovered on November 3 by The Next Web's Matt Navarra.

Facebook has revealed it is launching peer-to-peer (P2P) payments for Messenger in the United Kingdom - here's how to use the new feature.

"A lot of public services require a form of conversation so if you can do it in the form of Messenger and add payments on top of things, I think it would be a really good customer experience".

You can now send or request and receive money in a chat on Facebook Messenger. In February, worldwide money transfer service TransferWisebuilt a "bot" for Messenger, letting its users send money to each other through the platform.

Facebook is looking to roll out its Messenger payments service across Europe.

Once you've done this, tap Pay and add your debit card.

Since Google recently launched its wallet application, Tez, in India and considering the digitasation emphasis of the Indian government, we won't be surprised if Facebook brings the service to Indian shores too. When you're in a chat with a friend, you will be able to press the blue "plus" symbol and you then select the payments option.

Payments will be protected by a PIN system to prevent fraud and augmented by its M digital assistant, which will issue a handy prompt when someone asks for money.

As reported, to send or receive money, a user has to add his or her debit card details which will become the payment account. Wired says the transfer takes a rather sluggish "one to three business days" to complete.

Other firms in the US market include Square, which lets users swap money via its "Cash" app, and Paypal, which acquired payment service Venmo.

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