Celebrities react to Meek Mill prison sentence

Celebrities react to Meek Mill prison sentence

Celebrities react to Meek Mill prison sentence

Charges from both incidents were eventually dismissed, but that didn't stop the judge from sending him to prison. Prosecutors had recommended earlier that the rapper should not be sent back to prison, stating the fact that he has been off drugs since January and complied with most of the requirements for probation.

In March, he was arrested in St. Louis and charged with misdemeanor assault for an altercation with two airport employees.

And now, fellow rapper Jay-Z has slammed the court's decision to sentence Meek Mill - who could spend up to 48 months in state prison - and insisted he will "always stand by" the star.

In 2015, his girlfriend at the time Nicki Minaj promised judge Genece Brinkley that she would keep him on the straight and narrow after lawyers argued that he changed his travel schedule without court approval and had missed a drug test.

But Brinkley says she's been trying to help Mill for about a decade and that he just does whatever he wants.

In his statement during the hearing, Meek admitted his violations and said a jail sentence would likely end his music career. After eight months served, the artist was released in 2009. American prisons are stocked with not only murderers, rapists and kingpins but also with people who fail abide by senselessly strict terms of release.

When asked if he planned on appealing the sentence, Brian McMonagle, Meek Mill's defense attorney, responded, "You're goddamned right I am". There is no reason he should continue to be punished - and punished harshly - for a crime he committed almost a decade ago. "Then I'll be done with you", Brinkley added, according to Philly.com.

Additional court cases though have seen Mill spend five months in prison in 2013 and his probation was extended for almost a decade.

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