Apple's Venmo rival launches in beta

Apple's Venmo rival launches in beta

Apple's Venmo rival launches in beta

Apple's now on its second iOS 11.2 beta and we expect the company to release a few more as it adds additional polish ahead of the final release.

CNET notes that funding will come from debit or credit cards you've already set up in Apple Pay, and there will be no fee for debit cards, a small fee for credit cards.

Three days to transfer money to your bank: As with Venmo, PayPal and Square Cash, money received on Apple Pay Cash is applied as a balance, which you can then transfer to a bank account.

Unfortunately, Apple Pay Cash is still limited to the United States, although it's entirely possible that that's only while it's in beta. There's no fee to use Apple Pay Cash with a debit card.

Don't miss this, because a lot of people are complaining about an Apple software glitch...maybe even you! If you're not comfortable with pre-release software, you might want to hold off for now. Although you may enjoy the awesome new emojis that came with iOS 11.1, you may have noticed a bug when texting or writing photo captions: the letter "i" button isn't working right.

You can send or receive a minimum payment of $1 per message. Send and receive from across the table - or across the country.

"We don't expect normal usage to be impacted by limits", Apple vice president of Apple Pay Jennifer Bailey said in an interview.

The workaround makes use of the Text Replacement feature built into iOS.

Well thanks to quick thinking, a number of easy fix steps were highlighted which include: downloading a 3 party keyboard from Apple's App store or turning off the predictive text on the settings menu.

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