Police Respond to Shooting Incident in Santa Monica

Police Respond to Shooting Incident in Santa Monica

Police Respond to Shooting Incident in Santa Monica

Share this article: One person has been arrested after a woman was killed and two other people were wounded in a shooting near the Santa Monica Pier. Three to four suspects are still at large at this time.

Police say two irrelevant gathering transports were stopped close to the Santa Monica Pier at around 1 a.m. Saturday when a gathering from one transport got into a contention with a gathering from alternate transport.

Santa Monica police now say no arrests had been made by midmorning Sunday, as they investigated a deadly fusillade of gunfire between people on two different tour buses near the Santa Monica Pier. Occupants from one of the party buses exited the bus and opened fire on members of another party bus. The driver of the first bus drove it to a nearby police station with the wounded passengers. A woman was confirmed dead and three of the four people injured were transported to a nearby hospital for their injuries, Santa Monica police said.

The Santa Monica Police Department is working with LAPD to find the gunman.

At 01:13 a.m., a Twitter user uploaded a short clip from a garage rooftop urging people to be safe, as they had heard what might have been gunshots at the time.

Officers are looking for at least two suspects, but possibly up to four, who were seen running toward Pacific Coast Highway.

A shooting incident occurred early Saturday in a popular tourist spot called Santa Monica beach near US western city of Los Angeles, leaving one dead and three others wounded. One gunshot victim was found at the scene.

Santa Monica police were searching for two to three suspects who fled after blasting away, cops said.

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