Non-smokers get extra vacation time at this company

Non-smokers get extra vacation time at this company

Non-smokers get extra vacation time at this company

As reported by The Telegraph, the non-smoking staff complained that since smokers took 15-minute smoke breaks as they had to go to the basement to smoke, they were working more as a result and this is when the company chose to give those employees the extended break.

The company has introduced a paid leave allowance to non-smokers, giving them an extra six days off per year. That led the agency to come up with what it's calling a "win-win" solution. Since then, four have quit smoking, Matsushima said.

Piala employees told leadership their smoking coworkers generally spend about 15 minutes on each smoke break. The policy was installed as a benefit for nonsmokers to compensate for smoking breaks. The situation was compounded by the fact that smokers often ventured down from the company's office on the 29th floor to a smoking area in the basement.

Kyodo News says in Japan, where 21.7 percent of adults are estimated to smoke, more companies are starting to attempt to rein in the practice, with one company going so far as to ban smoking during work hours.

Many Japanese firms are encouraging their workers to quit smoking, especially as the 2020 Summer Olympics draw near.

Last year, local media reported that the Japanese Health Ministry ordered officials to go for a walk after cigarette breaks to prevent the smell of tobacco from affecting others at work.

"We don't give punishment for smoking", Matsushima said. Shun Shinbaba, 25, told CNN he plans to use the extra time to play tennis.

Unsurprisingly, staffers who don't smoke have been pleased with the bonus time. Matsushima, for example, took his family on vacation for several days.

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