This firm gives non-smokers six days of extra paid holidays

This firm gives non-smokers six days of extra paid holidays

This firm gives non-smokers six days of extra paid holidays

There are other ways to incentivize employees to quit smoking, according to The Midwest Business Group on Health.

One company in Japan, where smoking is deeply ingrained into culture, chose to do something about it.

As reported by The Telegraph, the non-smoking staff complained that since smokers took 15-minute smoke breaks as they had to go to the basement to smoke, they were working more as a result and this is when the company chose to give those employees the extended break.

He said the policy was installed as a benefit for nonsmokers to compensate for smoking breaks taken by their colleagues.

But at Piala, which has its headquarters in a Tokyo high-rise, about 35 percent of employees smoke, and the cigarette breaks had become disruptive.

"One of our non-smoking staff put a message in the company suggestion box earlier in the year saying that smoking breaks were causing problems", company spokesperson Hirotaka Matsushima told the Telegraph.

We wish that our bosses in India would take inspiration from them and give us a little extra incentive as well.

Even more importantly, the policy reportedly has encouraged four separate employees to quit the habit altogether, and according to Piala Inc. It was only this past year that the percentage of Japanese adults who smoke fell below 20 percent.

That may change as the government tries to crack down on public smoking ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

About 130,000 people die every year in Japan of smoking-related diseases, and an additional 15,000 die of secondhand smoke-related conditions, Susan Mercado, a World Health Organization official tells The Japan Times. But most restaurants and bars still allow smoking, at least in some areas.

So far, however, the measure taken by Piala Inc. seems to be working. A number of companies have recently begun banning employees from smoking at work, with smoking rooms being used for other purposes.

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