Defying US, Rouhani vows continued missile development

Defying US, Rouhani vows continued missile development

Defying US, Rouhani vows continued missile development

Iran would abandon the agreement if it were deemed not be serving its national interests, President Hassan Rouhani said in reaction to Trump's decision.

Struck in 2015, the nuclear deal has been facing a major challenge as U.S. President Donald Trump has declined to re-certify the agreement, sending it to Congress to address.

Ghasemi said that at the U.N. General Assembly last month, "some people close to Mr. Trump requested and expressed his willingness for a meeting with Rouhani".

In a statement issued by his office, Rouhani said Iran's adherence to the deal "has been complete and remarkable".

"We should not allow the (nuclear deal), as an important achievement, to be undermined, and we must consolidate this important worldwide commitment with full cooperation." he added.

"The IAEA can state that such nuclear-related commitments are being implemented", Amano told a news conference in Abu Dhabi following a trip to Iran on Sunday where he met with Rouhani and other officials.

Netanyahu pointed to the nuclear agreement that the world cheered in 1994 with North Korea, saying, "We have seen what has happened since, and Iran is 30 times stronger economically than North Korea".

The European Union, Britain and other parties in the deal have all encouraged Trump to keep the accord in place.

Under the agreement, Iran undertook to restrict its nuclear programme to help ensure it could not be put to developing atomic bombs in exchange for the lifting of trade and financial sanctions that had hobbled its oil-based economy.

"Our missile might is among the capabilities that are not negotiable at all", Iran's Tasnim news agency quoted the official.

If they can't, Trump said he will likely pull the USA out of the deal and reinstate previously lifted US sanctions on Iran's nuclear program, which could be a mortal blow to the agreement.

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