Couple Who Escaped Las Vegas Shooting Dies In Car Crash

Couple Who Escaped Las Vegas Shooting Dies In Car Crash

Couple Who Escaped Las Vegas Shooting Dies In Car Crash

A husband and wife who survived the deadly Las Vegas shooting massacre on October 1 died in a vehicle accident two weeks later.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Dennis Carver, 52, was driving home with his wife, Lorraine, 54, on October 16 when their Mercedes somehow drove off the roadway while going around a curve and crashed into two brick pillars.

She told the Las Vegas Review Journal the couple had found a new lease of life following their ordeal in Vegas. Their 16-year-old daughter reportedly heard a bang and ran outside to see her parents' burning vehicle down the street.

Brooke Carver, the couple's oldest daughter, says her parents, who had been together for 22 years, had grown more in love after the shooting. "The last two weeks of their lives were really just spent living in the moment".

Dennis Carver, 53, jumped on top of his wife Lorraine, 52, to shield her from gunman Steve Paddock's bullets at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival earlier this month. They were able to run away from the shooting and were not injured. "But I also think we've been given little pieces of them that we would've never gotten if the shooting hadn't happened right before they died".

A man standing next to the pair was hit by Paddock's bullets, but the Carvers managed to escape unharmed.

Three days after the worse mass shooting in U.S. history, Brooke said she was on the phone with her dad.

"Our mom. was there for every school play, every football game, every cheer competition, every day for anything, she was there", Brooke wrote in a lengthy Facebook post on October 20. The flowers seem perfectly preserved nearly a month later - not a single pedal had fallen, Brooke Carver said.

She finished the Facebook post by addressing her parents, describing her parents as people who always taught them to move on from the bad things in life and be happy, and this situation wouldn't be any different. "We're so lucky we have those flowers to remind us of them". "When we turned it on, all his photos and messages were still there", Brooke said.

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