Sizzling Steal: Man Pulls Off $1.25 Million Fajita Heist

Sizzling Steal: Man Pulls Off $1.25 Million Fajita Heist

Sizzling Steal: Man Pulls Off $1.25 Million Fajita Heist

A Texas district attorney says a former county worker has admitted stealing almost $1.3 million worth of fajitas over nine years.

Gilberto Escaramilla, of Brownsville, Texas, was an employee of the South Texas Juvenile Justice Department when he took a day off from work.

This spicy story unfolded when Gilberto Escaramilla chose to take a day off on August 7 for a medical appointment. After hearing this, the delivery man said he had been shipping fajitas to the juvenile justice department for nine years, Saenz told the newspaper. Escamilla was promptly fired.

According to the report, Gilberto Escamilla was sacked from his job and arrested after authorities found "packets of fajitas in his refrigerator". He was arrested in August and made bond, but was charged with the more serious first-degree theft last week, after officials learned the extent of amount he had stolen.

The exact dollar value of the fajitas Escaramilla had filched over the years was estimated at $1.251 million.

Investigators subsequently checked vendor invoices and determined he would intercept county-funded food deliveries and deliver them to his own customers.

"He would literally, on the day he ordered them, deliver them to customers he already had lined up", Saenz said.

Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Rose Gomez said the fajita theft has prompted the department to "institute procedures, controls, and safeguards" so that the situation can't happen again, the Herald reported.

"The Department will continue to strive to provide necessary and appropriate care, custody and protection of those juveniles in its custody as well as protection of public moneys (sic)".

"They've got the right to be upset", he said to the Herald.

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