Samsung launches Connect Tag for indoor and outdoor location tracking

Samsung launches Connect Tag for indoor and outdoor location tracking

Samsung launches Connect Tag for indoor and outdoor location tracking

Smart location notifications are enabled in the device for a NB-IoT or Cat.M1 network.

The Samsung Connect Tag links to a mobile app - Android only at this stage - and this can be used at any time to check the location of the tag. The narrowband networks are meant for devices that use small amounts of data and power and they provide the capability to securely connect to the Internet for location services.

On Monday Samsung unveiled its new device in gadget market named "Samsung Connect Tag" which can help you in having a track over your pet, your kids or over your non-living articles too. It helps users to track location of their belongings. The tag taps into a narrowband network designed for Internet of Things devices, and combines GPS, Cell ID and Wi-Fi-based positioning systems to get a lock on your loseables wherever they've been left. These tracking and notification abilities will minimize anxiety about the user's favorite items or loved ones, offering an exciting way to use technology for increased family security and an enhanced lifestyle.

Connect Tag is just 4.21 centimeters wide and 1.19 centimeters thick. You can, for instance, set up your Connect Tag to trigger specific smart devices like lights or your TV to turn on when you approach your home. It has a waterproof rating of IP68, meaning it can survive immersed in 1 m (3.3 ft) of water for up to 30 minutes, and its 300 mAh battery can last a week on a charge.

The product comes with an exclusive ring as well, which easily attaches to bags, collars or key rings.

Samsung is showing off the Connect Tag at the Samsung Developer Conference this week.

Furthering Samsung's commitment to a seamless IoT experience across devices, the Samsung Connect Tag will be tied to the SmartThings ecosystem, working in conjunction with the user's smart home appliances through Works with SmartThings.

There's no word on pricing yet, but the Connect Tag will be sold initially in South Korea, in the coming months. Prior to Samsung, companies like Nokia have tried their hands at similar products.

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