Police Across US Support School Bus Safety Week

Police Across US Support School Bus Safety Week

Police Across US Support School Bus Safety Week

This year's theme for National School Bus Safety Week is #StopOnRed. However, in its 2017 national stop arm survey, the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) tallied more than 78,000 stop arm violations in just one day, which equates to more than 14 million illegal passes over the course of a 180-day school year. This represents a decrease of about 1,000 violations from the previous year, according to the Maryland State Department of Education.

Drivers do not have to stop if a raised median separates each direction of traffic.

Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath said ensuring students have a safe trip to and from school is a commitment the Texas Education Agency shares with DPS. Renee Boydo, Training Center Manager for First Students, says, "You would be surprised; despite the size and color of the buses, it's very easy for distracted motorists to not see those buses and the flashing lights".

Of the 27,000 students attending classes, almost half ride the 250 Alachua County school buses.

With thousands of students riding school buses throughout Sampson County, district and law enforcement officials are encouraging motorists to "Stop on Red".

National School Bus Safety Week is held during the third full week of October.

Visit napt.org/nsbsw for more information about National School Bus Safety Week. First Student completes five million student journeys each day, moving more passengers than all USA airlines combined. From now until Friday police will be out on the streets monitoring areas First Student bus drivers have reported issues.

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