Maryland Woman Shot In Las Vegas Attack Opens Eye, Continues To Improve

Maryland Woman Shot In Las Vegas Attack Opens Eye, Continues To Improve

Maryland Woman Shot In Las Vegas Attack Opens Eye, Continues To Improve

Two weeks after she was among the hundreds injured or killed in the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, one of the most seriously wounded victims reportedly emerged from her coma and took her first few steps since the October 1 tragedy.

This after being a victim of the Las Vegas mass shooting, where a bullet shot through her right eye and up into her forehead.

Tina Frost, 27, took three steps to a chair and three steps back to her bed with the assistance of nurses Friday, according to an update posted on a GoFundMe page.

Tina Frost was shot in the right eye by Stephen Paddock while fleeing the Route 91 country music festival with a group of friends. Before she entered surgery, her doctor warned the mortality rate for people shot in the head is about 90 percent.

Frost had her right eye removed following the shooting. Frost lost her right eye and underwent three hours of surgery to fix her shattered skull and forehead, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Frost was injured by a gunshot wound to the head on the night of the shooting. Her left eye was unharmed.

Blum called her survival "miraculous".

Not long after she took her first steps on Friday, Blum cleared his patient to go back to her hometown.

The GoFundMe has now brought in more than $500,000 of donations.

Other fundraiser are supporting the families of the 58 people who died in the shooting, the deadliest in modern USA history, have raised millions from around the country and the world. A group of Frost's friends from her time at Arundel High School raised $2,600 at a "Frostie Brews for a fast recovery" event on Saturday.

Mary also told the paper: 'She'll have pieces of the bullet in her brain forever.

"She was giving us signs", Blum said.

"The doctors have been talking about Tina's next steps and are discussing other hospitals that will have all the specialists she'll need during her long road to recovery", Moreland wrote. Frost had been in a coma for over a week, WBAL reported.

"It was very much touch and go throughout the surgery, but she came out very well", said Amy. She's at a great hospital and she's going to have all the things she's going to need.

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