Russian-linked campaign used Pokemon Go to meddle in election

Russian-linked campaign used Pokemon Go to meddle in election

Russian-linked campaign used Pokemon Go to meddle in election

A group linked to Russian Federation allegedly used Pokemon Go to stir up trouble previous year in the United States.

Russian cyber experts used the smartphone game Pokemon Go in attempts to meddle in United States politics, according to an investigation by CNN. (As CNN notes, the name plays on "hands up, don't shoot", one of the movement's slogans.) Do Not Shoot Us included a website,, along with related pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The channel has more than 200 news reports and amateur videos documenting cases of police brutality committed by law enforcement agencies.

The account's Facebook page was removed from the site, according to CNN, after it was found to have been linked to the IRA.

In July 2016, the "Don't Shoot Us" Tumblr account held a competition, which tasked its audience to go out to the locations where alleged police brutality took place and to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go. The contest invited people to visit sites of police shootings, train the digital Pokémon creatures at those spots, and name their pet creatures in the augmented world after real-world victims of police.

According to the report, Pokemon Go wasn't directly changed, but rather "game assets were appropriated and misused in promotions by third parties", according to a statement in the report from Pokemon Go creators Niantic. You can check it out here.

The Russian foreign ministry denied any attempts on the part of Russia to meddle in the USA election, as it always has, ridiculing the report.

Over the past few weeks, it has become clear that social media giants Facebook, Google, and Twitter were specifically targeted by the interference efforts-and that Russian-linked advertisements were shown to users during the election season.

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