Trump to visit United Kingdom in early 2018

Trump to visit United Kingdom in early 2018

Trump to visit United Kingdom in early 2018

Plans now being worked up would see Mr Trump visit London early next year, meeting with British counterparts and the new usa ambassador Woody Johnson.

Trump will not stay at Buckingham Palace with the Queen and will likely sleep at the residence of recently-appointed U.S. ambassador Woody Johnson, The Evening Standard reported.

The Foreign Office said a State Visit, which is seen by MPs as being on indefinite hold, would go ahead at some stage.

That means none of the pomp and circumstance Trump is known to love, and he won't be staying in London as a guest of the Queen.

Theresa May's official spokesman said it remained the Government's intention that Mr Trump will have a state visit.

London mayor Sadiq Khan - who has clashed with Mr Trump on Twitter - said he "would not object" to a working visit.

The news comes after months of controversy regarding the visit.

May's decision was met with fierce domestic pushback, with 1.5 million United Kingdom residents signing a petition urging the prime minister to cancel the visit, according to The Guardian.

Since then the visit has been quietly put on the backburner.

Trump is planning his visit to Britain as part of a wider tour.

Downing Street declined to comment but has said that its position has not changed since the offer was extended and accepted.

However the speculation came to nothing. It was initially announced back in January during Prime Minister Theresa may's visit to the White House, when she extended an invitation to President Donald Trump and the First Lady from Queen Elizabeth II. Mr Trump said that Britain would be at the front of the queue for a trade deal with the USA after Brexit as he accepted the invitation in Washington in January.

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