New Information Changes Timeline of Las Vegas Shooting

New Information Changes Timeline of Las Vegas Shooting

New Information Changes Timeline of Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas police investigating the mass shooting last week say they now believe a hotel security guard was shot by the gunman before he opened fire with his arsenal of weaponry on 22,000 concert goers below.

The encounter with Campos on the hotel's 32nd floor happened at 9:59 PM local time, six minutes before a gunman began firing into the crowd, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo revealed at a Monday afternoon news conference.

"What we have learned is that Mr. Campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting", Lombardo told the crowd.

Police have a "pretty comprehensive timeline prior to the shooting", Lombardo said, but he declined to say whether the high-stakes video poker player had been gambling immediately prior to embarking on his killing spree.

It was not immediately clear why the timeline of the shooting changed and what the impact could be on the investigation.

Police were not in a hurry to enter Paddock's suite because the security guard's arrival had halted the shooting, police implied in previously describing the timeline.

The gunman who attacked a country music concert in Las Vegas shot a security guard in the hotel before beginning his assault on the concertgoers, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Monday, a significant change to the timeline of the massacre that officials had previously given to the public.

Police are now looking to speak to any escorts who Paddock may have been with in the days before the massacre took place.

Although Campos alerted hotel security, Lombardo said police were not aware of the incident until they stormed Paddock's room ten minutes later. Lombardo said he thinks Paddock shot at the tanks to create a diversion.

The story was originally published at 3:25 p.m.

Speaking anonymously to The Sun, the 27-year-old woman said Paddock asked her to take part in "violent" sex acts.

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