Firefighters: Burned woman said 'Eric' set her on fire

Firefighters: Burned woman said 'Eric' set her on fire

Firefighters: Burned woman said 'Eric' set her on fire

But witness after witness testified that Chambers identified herself by name and, when asked who had done this to her, seemed to say "Eric".

The trial is being held in Batesville, but because of the intense media coverage surrounding her death, the judge ordered jurors to come from Pike County, which is more than 200 miles south of the trial city.

Prosecutors say Quinton Tellis set Jessica Chambers' auto on fire near a tree farm in Courtland, Mississippi, on December 6, 2014. She died the next day. Both people were at the same location on the day of Chambers' death, and Tellis admitted to having sex with her in her vehicle. Tellis has pleaded not guilty. "But Jessica was set on fire".

Defense attorney Darla Palmer's questioning Wednesday with first responders was spent going through their written statements, which were from 12 hours to two days after the incident and before Tellis was named a person of interest.

Ms Chambers was spotted running around the road on flames, wearing only her underwear, by another driver. Multiple firefighters who tried to help the teen said Chambers told them someone named "Eric" or "Derek" burned her.

He added that Mr Tellis repeatedly lied to investigators about spending time with her in the hours before she was found. "There was blistering over all her body".

Champion said her vehicle keys were found at the scene, allegedly with Tellis' DNA on them.

Emergency personnel responded and treated Chambers, who had burns on most of her body.

"She knew Quentin", Palmer said. Quinton Tellis is charged in her death. "But she did not say that that day".

A man burned a woman alive after he thought he killed her during sex.

The man who found Jessica Chambers' auto keys not far from the scene also testified.

"I laid her down on the ground and she reached out for my hand", Haley said. "But Jessica was set on fire". First responders testified Chambers didn't give a last name and wouldn't answer much else, saying anything they asked her she would only respond by saying she was cold.

In court, however, he also described difficulty hearing her speak.

King said his girlfriend, Mary Tyner, noticed a small decal on the pink rope keychain that said Chambers Auto Diesel and fix, a Courtland body shop.

"One of the worst things you could imagine", Mills said.

Cole portrayed being spooky by the picture of Chambers - her lips dark with sediment - telling attendants, "I see that photo I took each morning and consistently".

"She looked like a zombie", testified Will Turner, a volunteer fire fighter. "Her hair was singed and there was soot all around her mouth".

Opening statements were given and the first witnesses took the stand in the Jessica Chambers murder trial.

Quinton Tellis, 29, is blamed for murdering Chambers, a previous secondary school team promoter from Courtland, Miss., who was found along a byway nearly a tree cultivate about three years back.

The 29-year-old Tellis is on trial on a murder charge in Batesville, Mississippi. A trial date in Louisiana is pending the outcome of his trial in Mississippi.

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