ESPN host compares Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to a slave owner

ESPN host compares Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to a slave owner

ESPN host compares Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to a slave owner

Approached by paparazzi, Common did not bite his tongue on his feelings toward Jones telling players they'd face punishment for protesting the National Anthem.

National Football League players have been kneeling during the anthem this season to highlight racial injustice this season but Jones reiterated in a team meeting on Wednesday that he would no longer tolerate the practice.

Jones also broached the business side of the argument with his team, explaining the importance of keeping the Cowboys' sponsors satisfied and TV ratings trending upward, according to ESPN.

Quarterback Dak Prescott echoed Garrett's sentiments on Jones coming to talk with the players Wednesday, indicating it went well.

On Thursday, the Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett, said that Jones cared deeply for his players, and Wednesday's meeting was to show the owner's "love, admiration and respect for the players".

After Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on Sunday that any player that disrespects the flag "will not play", the team held a meeting with Jones to discuss anthem policies.

In addition, most agree that kneeling during the anthem doesn't meet Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act, which addresses organized activities related to terms and conditions about employment, wages and working conditions.

Rathke said there is no distinction between benching a player for a game or firing him outright by releasing him. I don't want to cause no attention to nobody else and bring unwanted attention, but on the same token, you know, there's certain things that people are doing it for. He added, "As far as whether or not I will basically institute or basically do what I said, I just would say that the implication that we're not respecting the flag ... is just not going to be accepted and so I would just ask anybody to look at my record relative to what I say I'm going to do and you go from there".

Jerry, along with the coaching staff and his sons, Stephen and Jerry Jr., took a knee before the anthem. Two players, defensive linemen David Irving and Damontre Moore, raised fists at the end of Sunday's anthem. Then they stood with their arms linked during the anthem. "We come in every day to work and our focus is on practice and trying to win ballgames".

President Trump tweeted in support of Mr. Jones on Monday night.

"I was listening to my music", Scandrick said.

It's flippant to say that any given individual "should" put their livelihood on the line by defying the owner's orders, however coercive and gross and morally bankrupt said orders might be. "The message, it will be out".

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