Doctor Yells And Curses At Impatient Woman

Doctor Yells And Curses At Impatient Woman

Doctor Yells And Curses At Impatient Woman

On Monday evening, Florida resident Jessica Stipe uploaded a video to Facebook of her being verbally accosted by her doctor while at Gainesville After Hours Clinic.

Jessica Stipe arrived at the clinic for her 6.30pm appointment, although she was allegedly hurriedly seen for a urine sample before having to wait until 7.45pm to speak to the doctor again.

Police in Florida are looking into a doctor who yelled at a sick woman after she raised questions about the length of her wait before being seen.

The video showed Stipe asking for her money back and Gallogly telling her that she would be waiting longer if she had gone to an emergency room. "It's 7.45 and we've already been working on you".

The confrontation escalates and the doctor says 'do you want to be seen or not?'.

The dispute continues as Stipes daughter reassures her mom that it's okay and she had been filming the whole thing as she says to the doctor: "Okay you can get out of her face".

He opened the door while continuing to tell Stipe to leave and then noticed her daughter was recording.

Stipe said her daughter recorded the incident and that the doctor shoved her daughter and took her phone. "Despite repeated requests from the office staff, she repeatedly demanded to see me instead of leaving".

Dr. Gollogly included in his statement that he regrets losing his temper.

The Gainesville Sun reports that the Gainesville Police Department confirmed that the doctor in the video, Peter Gallogly, is now under criminal investigation. When the doctor realized what's going on, you could see him snatch the phone from her.

Stipe posted a video of the entire episode on her Facebook page Monday night, which was viewed more than 200,000 times and shared more than 3,400 times at the time of publishing this article. "To those of you who support me you have my heartfelt those who know me. you know this was uncalled for & for those of you who don't and are being rude and hateful to me and my child. god bless your hearts".

After the video spread throughout social media, Stipe said in a statement Tuesday that she was still sick and exhausted but wanted to set the record straight.

"If you go to CareSpot, you're waiting for three hours. Go to the ER and wait for nine hours". "Get the f*** out of my office", he screamed.

Gallogy says the video doesn't show the events that led up to the confrontation. The mother and daughter arrived at Gainesville After Hours clinic on October 9 for a 6:30 p.m. appointment, but weren't seen by the doctor by 7:45.

"While not an excuse for my behavior, a basic reason for my reaction is that I simply regard my staff as family, and I overreacted to defend them".

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