Warrant issued for Suffolk man beaten in Charlottesville

Warrant issued for Suffolk man beaten in Charlottesville

Warrant issued for Suffolk man beaten in Charlottesville

"A Charlottesville Police Department detective did respond, verified the facts and a warrant for Unlawful Wounding (Va Code 18.2-51) was issued". Harris' lawyer, S. Lee Merritt, agrees that Crews was attacked with a pipe but argues Harris wasn't the attacker.

Merritt went on to say that the Charlottesville Police Department is up in arms over the charges, and that it would have never filed them.

He attributes Crews' injuries to a separate brawl that did not involve Harris.

Harris' attorney says he will not say exactly when he will turn himself in because Harris fears for his safety.

"This is the first time I've seen this situation happen", Merritt told TPM. "Dave" Chapman, who told The Post that it wouldn't be appropriate to comment on a pending investigation. "We were not expecting this", Via told The Post. Crews serves as a chairman for the hate group's North Carolina chapter, Merritt said. "[Harris] is getting the same charge as [those] involved in a violent supremacist group who were involved in attacks, not only of DeAndre, but attacks of other people all weekend".

Harris has said the attack left him with a concussion, a gash on his head that required almost a dozen staples, and other injuries. Photos show Harris bleeding profusely from his head.

After news broke of the arrest warrant against Harris on Monday, white nationalists openly celebrated on Twitter.

As the Post reported, Commonwealth's Attorney Warner "Dave" Chapman, a Democrat, will decide whether to prosecute the case once the warrant is served against Harris. More information on the accusations will be released after Harris is arrested, police said.

"Instead, Mr. Crews was allowed to exploit the judicial system by bypassing CPD and presenting incomplete and misleading evidence directly to a magistrate judge who in turned issued the warrant for Mr. Harris' arrest without a proper investigation". "He couldn't continue his job as an assistant school teacher because of anxiety that he gets around large crowds". But there's still this angst of him being charged after being the recipient of this brutal attack.

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