Video shows man clinging to moving school bus

Video shows man clinging to moving school bus

Video shows man clinging to moving school bus

Baltimore County man is caught on tape jumping onto the front of a school bus full of children and demanding the driver let him on board. As the bus began to move, the man jumped onto the hood of the school bus, banging on the vehicle and ordering the driver to allow him inside.

Baltimore County Public Schools told local media the bus was transporting students from Loch Raven Academy.

Children aboard the bus can be heard screaming as Doran slams his fist on the hood.

A man got out of the vehicle, banged on the doors of the bus, and tried to get inside. No sir. It turns out Doran's panties were in a bunch because a bottle was thrown at his vehicle by one of the kids on the bus.

Doran reportedly told police that someone threw a bottle at his auto. He yells at the driver to open the door, but the driver refuses.

An off-duty police officer eventually intervened and arrested the man.

As their bus was stopped at an intersection, a man - Leverne Doran of Nottingham, Maryland - leaped from the adjacent vehicle and began pounding on the bus's door.

The man was identified as Leverne Doran, 68, and court records show he faces four charges including disorderly contact.

Police say the students were not in danger at any point. But, police said, he was blocked by traffic. They say not to confront another driver.

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