Theresa May Hinted she Might get Rid of Boris Johnson

Theresa May Hinted she Might get Rid of Boris Johnson

Theresa May Hinted she Might get Rid of Boris Johnson

One minister even said Downing Street now has "a stench of death", with some Tories calling for Theresa May and Boris Johnson to be sacked as well.

In a Whatsapp message to a group of Conservative MPs, Johnson said that he didn't know who kept leaking this information to the press and asked them to stop doing so on his behalf.

But allies of Mr Johnson have warned that he would "just say no" to the possibility of a demotion, leaving Mrs May with little option to sack him or leave him in post.

"I do not know if they are really my friends and allies or if they represent some sinister band of imposters".

'Whoever they are they do not speak for me'.

The Prime Minister admitted the speech was an "uncomfortable" time but never considered abandoning the address as "I am not someone who gives up".

Following the turmoil of the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, Mrs May has faced repeated questions as to whether Mr Johnson was "unsackable" due to her weakened position.

Mr Johnson's message comes as Mrs May prepares to brief Parliament over the status of Brexit negotiations and as talks resume in Brussels.

Over the weekend, however, pro-Brexit MPs hit back, urging Mrs May to get rid of Chancellor Philip Hammond, who has argued for a "softer", pro-business Brexit that would protect jobs and investment.

But Hammond's "negative" briefings could still harm him, the backbencher added. "It seems blind to the facts, preoccupied with preserving "access" to the European Union market seemingly at any cost", he said. Ordinary punters I have spoken to thought her speech was good and anyone can have a cold'.

"We think the prime minister should stand aside now voluntarily so there can be a leadership election as soon as possible", Shapps told Bloomberg in a phone interview.

"I don't think he has been totally on board, I think he has been deliberately trying to make the Brexit negotiations hard, stall them, obfuscate the issues".

"Rumour is always destabilising, but let me assure you the Cabinet is not divided, we are behind the Prime Minister", he told Sky News.

Today, May said that the "ball was in EU's court" as the next round of Brexit negotiations got underway.

"I'm actually getting a bit narked and I'm sure there's quite a lot of women out there that are (getting) a bit narked at how many male commentators are talking about male cabinet ministers deciding what she should or shouldn't do as if she has no agency in this herself".

With fingers now pointing at Hammond, Johnson, and May, she will have her work cut out for her if she reshuffles her cabinet in late October.

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