Man Helps Captive Teen Escape, Then Donates His Reward Money To Her

Man Helps Captive Teen Escape, Then Donates His Reward Money To Her

Man Helps Captive Teen Escape, Then Donates His Reward Money To Her

That's when he saw something moving in his field, and the 65-year-old thought it was a deer.

On Friday, the Alexandria Police Department presented Mr Melchert with a US$7,000 reward that had been offered for any one with information on Ms Block's disappearance.

"The reward money means absolutely nothing to me", said Melchert as he addressed Jasmine and her mother, Sarah. "It'd been on the news, it'd been online. Right away I recognised her".

On Sep 5, the day that Ms Block escaped, the men had left her alone for the first time to get food.

Block had been at home alone when she encountered Thomas Barker, 32, outside her house.

Alexandria Police Chief Rick Wyffels said Barker was a family acquaintance of the teen, and that he "tricked" her last month by asking for her help with a family situation.

The 15-year-old was abducted on August 8 and taken to a home where police said three men sexually assaulted her and held her captive for 29 days, the Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported.

Of Melchert, she added that she and her family view him as a hero. She was kidnapped by three men and held captive until she was able to escape. "(I said) 'My name is Jasmine Block and I've been kidnapped.' And he asked if I was the missing girl from Alex and I said 'yes'".

Though Elchert had just retired a week earlier, he said that Block "deserved" the money and handed the check over to the teen. Eventually she got close to me and I said, 'Oh my gosh, it's a woman.' Then pretty soon I said, 'No, it's a young girl'.

A Minnesota farmer who helped save a teenage girl who was abducted and sexually assaulted has turned down the $7,000 reward - instead choosing to give it to the 15-year-old because "she's the real hero".

What these three men allegedly did makes me physically ill, but the fact that Melchert was placed in her path and helped her? It makes me want to never let my children out of my sight again.

The girl's mother said she had been waiting to meet Melchert. We wanted to thank him.

Wyffels said the girl was tied up with zip ties and was moved from Barker's home to various other locations, including a cornfield and a foreclosed property in Grant County. Melchert found her when she came running toward him. "You guys deserve it". But this made me look at things a lot differently.

People, like Melcher, who say things like, "What a retirement present, to hand over some money to people who really need it".

"To me, yeah, that's a lot of money, but they need it way worse than I do", Melchert told the Times.

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