WMU Beats Buffalo in 7-OT Marathon

WMU Beats Buffalo in 7-OT Marathon

WMU Beats Buffalo in 7-OT Marathon

Western drove into Buffalo's territory on the following drive, but Khalil Hodges intercepted Jon Wassink. He also had three carries for 13 yards and a touchdown. Jarvion Franklin, the veteran Broncos running back, sealed the deal with a 12-yard run across the goal line.

Buffalo followed with a punt, which Western followed with a punt, and Buffalo ran out the rest of the half, taking the 17-14 score into halftime. Buffalo fumbled and Western Michigan missed a field goal in the third.

Buffalo converted on a 25-yard field goal before the Broncos (4-2, 2-0 MAC) scored in just four plays in the seventh overtime. Ernsberger's TD ended up tying the game with the extra point because Buffalo had scored seven points to start overtime.

It was the fourth game in FBS history to go into seven overtimes.

Ernsberger caught a touchdown in overtime, and it is possible his sister thought the game was over with the score.

5 - Touchdown passes thrown by Buffalo quarterbacks in the five games before Saturday.

As great as this game is, though, it wasn't the catch that had people talking. Well, for WMU tight end Donnie Ernsberger he faced that reality in a major way yesterday during the Western Michigan vs Buffalo game. Six more points each way helped the two teams climb up the record books even further, as no game had ever gone beyond seven overtimes.

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