Like Delhi, Will Maharashtra Celebrate Diwali Without Firecrackers?

Like Delhi, Will Maharashtra Celebrate Diwali Without Firecrackers?

Like Delhi, Will Maharashtra Celebrate Diwali Without Firecrackers?

While referring to the air pollution levels in Delhi-NCR during and immediately after Diwali a year ago, the apex court on Monday observed that due to the adverse effects of burning of fire crackers, "the air quality deteriorates abysmally and alarmingly and the city chokes thereby".

Making their point clear, the SC said that it has not changed the September 12 order but its November 11, 2016, order which bans the sale of firecrackers "should be given a chance".

There will be no firecrackers available for purchase this Diwali as the Supreme Court upheld its earlier verdict banning sale of firecrackers in the Delhi-NCR region. However, it is not yet confirmed if they can or whether they would be able to deliver firecrackers to those regions which have been affected after Supreme Court's order of banning sale of firecrackers. Past year after Diwali, there were reports contradicting the blame on firecrackers to increase pollution and it was observed that the waste of rice and cotton crops in Haryana and Punjab belt is burnt around the same time, leaving a huge pile of polluted air, which eventually flows towards Delhi.

-The ban is imposed till November 1, 2017, only.

According to The Hindu, a panel of Supreme Court judges said, "Let's try out at least one Diwali without firecrackers". The court stated that a complete ban would be an extreme step. This order prevailed during the year but the impact and effect of this order remains to be tested on Diwali days. Taking the most cynical view, even without any cracker-bursting, there is little hope for any sustainable respite for Delhi residents. The supreme court needs to look at the bigger factors in order to check the pollution.

Firecrackers do worsen the air quality during Diwali time as per the report, spiking potassium and sulphur levels massively.

Delhi-NCR SC ruling is a good 1 but the sized brains bringing in religion card here is stupid.

Blaming crackers for everything, he said that it is because the air after that becomes very unhealthy and unnatural for children, elderly and everyone else. Many fear huge losses, claiming that they are left with stacks of unsold firecrackers worth lakhs.

While the ban will help protect the environment from pollution, it will also take away the livelihood of many, and due to this the court had only temporarily suspended the ban, last month.

However, there is some respite for those who had already bought firecrackers as they can still burst them on October 19, the day when millions will celebrate Diwali.

Wish they can ban firecrackers in #Pune as well.

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