14th person dies from hurricane blackout at nursing home

14th person dies from hurricane blackout at nursing home

14th person dies from hurricane blackout at nursing home

Hollywood police spokeswoman Miranda Grossman said Monday that 95-year-old Francesca Andrade had died from ailments suffered when the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills lost power September 10 during the hurricane's passage. The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills failed to evacuate residents from the sweltering heat in the days following the storm.

The Miami Herald reported that Cecilia Franco's husband, Miguel Antonio Franco, died on September 13.

Six additional seniors have died since the evacuation.

Franco's family is one of several that have filed lawsuits against the nursing home.

The Rehabilitation Center told the state in a September 27 letter it didn't report the layoffs sooner "due to unforeseen business circumstances that occurred after the impact of Hurricane Irma", the Sun Sentinel quoted the letter as saying.

NBC 6 in Miami is reporting that a family attorney said Cecilia Franco, 90, has passed away. State and federal agencies are also conducting administrative investigations. The nursing home told the state the layoffs happened September 20, the report said. Last week, the facility let go of 245 workers, including doctors, nurses, therapists and others.

Nursing home administrator Jorge Carballo said in an earlier statement that "the center and its medical and administrative staff diligently prepared" for the hurricane.

But despite the rising heat inside, no one at the facility called 911 until early in the morning on September 13, when some of its residents began to pass out with symptoms of respiratory and cardiac distress.

"We took part in emergency management preparedness calls with local and state emergency officials, other nursing homes and health regulators", he said.

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