WhatsApp Business APK now available for download: Here's how it works

WhatsApp Business APK now available for download: Here's how it works

WhatsApp Business APK now available for download: Here's how it works

WhatsApp Business, the new app from the Facebook-owned company had been in talks for very long but was finally announced only a month ago. The business owner can register a different mobile number for this particular app, according to the instructions. "As a test partner for "WhatsApp Business", you have early access to a wide range of new features that we've built with you in mind".

What's more, they can link their company's landline number to their WhatsApp Business app, saving them from handing out their personal number to hundreds or potentially thousands of complete strangers. The WhatsApp Business app will have a setting for the Business where the user/account manager will be able to see the messages sent for customers, though the kind of analytics around it are basic. Now with the WhatsApp Business app ready for download, details about how it will work are also out in the public domain, thanks to the AndroidPolice report.

The user just has to tap the vertically aligned three dots in the top right corner Business Settings Statistics.

To reiterate that WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are separate, the business version of the app has a slightly different logo too.

More features of WhatsApp Business are expected to be revealed in coming days. So, if your business is closed during Diwali, you can notify your customers and also wish them. The app's APK is also available to download, but for that as well, you have to be a part of the private beta first.

Currently, BookMyShow and Goibibo are a few businesses among others in India that have been testing WhatsApp Business account for some time now.

Note: Explaining how businesses can use WhatsApp Business, the messaging platform also notes that businesses will also be able to register with landline numbers, which isn't now available on the official WhatsApp application. The app is said to be in its final stage of development.

The Whatsapp for Business app will function someway similar to the normal Whatsapp app. You can set the business name, location, verified or unverified badge, email address, website, and business description. Next, under the Settings option, you will find some additions such as Business Settings and Statistics.

The automated message option will let you set an "away" status and save a custom message with both text and emoji so that your clients who try to reach you will get an automated response when you are away.

Presently the actual Whatsapp app is only limited to the Messages sent, received, delivered and read.

The app will provide features such as auto responses, creating a business profile, chat migration and analytics. Given WhatsApp has 1.2 billion users, this will mean a big change, especially in the Indian market where the company has more than 200 million active users.

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