Trump asks me for tweeting advice, says his ex-wife Ivana

Trump asks me for tweeting advice, says his ex-wife Ivana

Trump asks me for tweeting advice, says his ex-wife Ivana

Watching her children during the campaign inspired her to write her new book, "Raising Trump", she said.

It's not clear if any controversial accusations will appear in Ivana's book, as they have in former tomes by Trump. "I love my husband.' It was unladylike but I was in shock".

Ivana first spoke about the clash in a 1991 interview with Barbara Walters.

But she and the president have returned to far warmer terms.

"I can only shake my head at how it insane it was", she writes. "I couldn't turn on the television without hearing my name". So I'm not sure if she was.

Ivana Trump said President Trump would not be the person he is today without her.

In fact, the proud mother writes that she wouldn't be surprised if at least one more Trump occupies the White House in the years to come - daughter Ivanka.

Ivana Trump was married to Donald Trump for 15 years, and she's the mother of three of his five children, Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr.

However, she said she valued her freedom too much to accept. I was in charge of raising our children before our divorce, and I had sole custody of them after the split. "That was non-negotiable. But even if Donald and I had stayed together, I would have raised the kids... And if you want to get your words across rightly, without telling The New York Times, which is going to twist every single word of yours, this is how you get your message out, '" she added in her interview. It was only until they were about 18 years old he could communicate with them, because he could start to talk business with them. She goes on to say that while she has no desire to be First Lady, the idea of being First Mother tickles her fancy.

Apart from Ivanka, she also wrote about her ex-husband's second wife.

She writes regarding her daughter Ivanka Trump, "Maybe in fifteen years, she could run for president?". "In the first place Lady?" She writes that, at their first meeting, Trump secured her and friends a table at a hot Manhattan restaurant, paid the check and chauffeured her back to her hotel in a giant Cadillac.

"He wouldn't be who he is without you?" asked CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod on "Sunday Morning".

In Raising Trump, which is being released next week, she reveals she knew her marriage was over in December 1989 when a young woman told her she was also in love with The Donald.

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