Russian forces kill '120 ISIL fighters' in Syria's east

Russian forces kill '120 ISIL fighters' in Syria's east

Russian forces kill '120 ISIL fighters' in Syria's east

"We have seen a number of hospitals being targeted, we got very worrying reports and converging reports about hospitals, schools, civilian infrastructure being targeted", said Robert Mardini, ICRC regional director for the Middle East.

The Takfiri group maintains pockets in the province, and is said to be fighting a losing battle to retain the provincial capital of the same name, which is its last major stronghold in the Arab country.

Meanwhile, Syria's army and its allies have encircled the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group in the city of al-Mayadin, southeast of Deir al-Zor, in eastern Syria, a Syrian military source said on Sunday, Reuters reported. "Winning by any means is not only unlawful, but also unacceptable when it comes at such human cost". The two crewmen were not injured and were flown back to base. Both the Observatory and DeirEzzor 24 also reported that an airstrike hit the village of Mehkan, just south of Mayadeen, and said it killed several families.

The ministry says the helicopter had not been fired upon.

He also said that Russia has agreed to provide air support to the operation; however, there has been no official comment by the Russian Defense Ministry yet supporting the claim.

Syrian troops broke a almost three-year siege on parts of Deir el-Zour last month and are fighting to liberate from IS remaining parts of the city.

The Defense Ministry's spokesman, Maj.

The Russian accusations likely reflect rising tensions as US -backed Syrian forces and the Russian-backed Syrian army — both of which are battling IS — race for control of oil and gas-rich areas of eastern Syria.

The ministry said the "large numbers of foreign mercenaries" were coming into the Syrian border town of Albu Kamal from Iraq.

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