Rangoli slams Farhan Akhtar's open letter about Kangna

Rangoli slams Farhan Akhtar's open letter about Kangna

Rangoli slams Farhan Akhtar's open letter about Kangna

This is concerning the matter surrounding two of the biggest stars in our industry.

SpotboyE who have a copy of the complaint claimed in a report that Hrithik Roshan was booked under Section 151 and 149 of CrPC, and Kangana's Lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee had demanded preventive action against the actor. The truth and evidence will speak for itself.

"Sussanne firmly believes Kangana is making up all these stories on her alleged relationship with Hrithik", a source very close to Roshans was quoted as saying by Deccan Chronicle. However, later Rangoli went back on what she said and stated that if her account is hacked and that if the email id hroshan@email.com, didn't belong to him, they should approach the Cyber Cell together.

After more than a year's silence on his row with Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik has chose to open up and clear the air surrounding the controversy.

As Ranaut's sister posted the photo as a proof of their "affair", fans have started posting their own photos with Hrithik Roshan. It's ok. I was afraid and I'm not going to be afraid anymore.

He said, "The only time I actually had tears in my eyes was when I saw this huge Amul hoarding with my brand Krrish, which is something that is built by me, it is like my baby". He said this is about two people washing their dirty laundry in public. It was affecting me, it was affecting my community, it was affecting my sense of well being. "I am bystander to this whole thing". It's like I have parked my auto on the road side and another vehicle comes and crashed into my vehicle. "My higher understanding of life has taught me that ignorance is the best way forward.This is not the first time, I've been sent emails of this nature. You can only spam it or junk it, and I did that immediately", he said.

He accepted that he could have handled it better, "There maybe imperfections in the way I handled this". The mess also led to a friend not inviting him to a party and when he spoke to his friend about it, she said that his "girlfriend" stopped her from doing so.

He talked about trying to create a new identity for himself amidst this controversy - "I had to detach myself from the Amul that called me phenomenal and the Amul that showed my film in port light and create an identity for myself".

However, after Hrithik's tell-all interview with Arnab Goswami issuing statements describing his side of the story, several B-Town celebs sided with Hrithik and took to Twitter to show their support for the actor.

"Dinners and lunches, no. Going to a birthday party along with hundreds of others does not constitute a relationship", he added. And why should she not believe him? I have never met her one on one, not once. So it is not so unbelievable.

"I am not a confrontational person. In my desperation to get rid of this, I even got all my phone records".

Scheduled to premiere tonight at 8 pm, the teaser for the interview reveals that Hrithik seems to think that all the allegations against him are false, and that he never went to Paris, as Kangana has suggested many times, and that his image is being unfairly maligned by Kangana and other people.

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