IS sympathisers charged for plotting terror attacks in NY

IS sympathisers charged for plotting terror attacks in NY

IS sympathisers charged for plotting terror attacks in NY

The FBI had warned law enforcement partners of a potential threat to New York City's Times Square.

The three men involved are identified as 19-year-old Canadian Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, 19-year-old Tala Haroon, a United States citizen who lives in Pakistan and Russel Salic, 37, of the Philippines.

According to prosecutors, Mr. El Bahnasawy and Mr. Haroon had plotted to carry out the attacks while Mr. Salic, who also maintained a pro-ISIS social media presence, allegedly wired $423 to the undercover to help pay for the attacks on May 11, 2016, and told the agent he'd send more in the future. El Bahnasawy already pleaded guilty to seven charges.

The three men, who were said to be communicating electronically during spring 2016 for most of the alleged conspiracy, allegedly believed they were planning the attack on behalf of ISIS.

One of the suspects, 19-year-old Abdulrahman el Bahnasawy, who is a Canadian citizen, reportedly bought various bomb-making materials.

El Bahnasawy Facebook profile shows 52 friends and two images, he "liked" a shopping page and a "United States" page. Haroon is alleged to have planned to travel from Pakistan to NY to help and met with bomb experts in Pakistan.

El Bahnasawy purchased bomb-making materials, including hydrogen peroxide, and shipped them to the undercover agent, prosecutors say.

El Bahnasawy and Haroon both allegedly told the undercover office they declared allegiance to ISIS, under the impression that he was in fact an ISIS-connected individual.

El Bahnasawy is in USA custody and has pleaded guilty to federal terror charges, while the other two men await extradition from foreign custody to face charges in the US.

According to criminal complaints, El Bahnasawy, 19, sent the undercover agent an image of Times Square with a smartphone message saying, "We seriously need to auto bomb times square". According to the report, Salic wired money for the objective of funding the attack plan.

He helped to secure a cabin within driving distance of New York City, where the devices would be built and for staging the attacks. He aspired to "create the next 9/11", according to the DOJ. Haroon was arrested in September 2016 in Pakistan, and Salic was arrested in the Philippines in April of this year.

Around May 6, he said his contact in Khorasan Province (an ISIS affiliate in Pakistan) "wants to know what weapons we have, what our general targets are, how many people are trained, how long were [sic] gonna train for, exact number of people ..." Twenty people were killed when a terrorist bomb exploded as the crowd was heading for the exits. Rahimi is blamed for building weight cooker bombs and putting them on Manhattan lanes and in addition setting an ad libbed gadget that detonated in a refuse can before the begin of New Jersey philanthropy race.

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