Apple's new emoji to be released next week

Apple's new emoji to be released next week

Apple's new emoji to be released next week

Sometime back Google had come up with a new set of emojis on board to entice the audience.

There's the woman wearing a headscarf, a breastfeeding emoji and the gesture for "I Love You" in American sign language.

The upcoming iOS 11.1 update will feature so many new emojis, you'll be hard pressed to find a conversation that can't be brightened up with a bit of animation.

They aren't available in the iOS 11.1 beta yet, but they're coming.

Insert smiley face here!

The Apple emoji will make their debut on mobile devices when it releases the developer and public beta version of iOS 11.1 next week. The updated emoji offerings range all across the board and include options unveiled on World Emoji Day back in July.

Gender-neutral emojis are coming! Apple did not specify the exact iOS 11.1 release date. These new symbols will be available to iPhone and iPad users once the new update arrives next week. Apple says the emoji will also be making their way to watchOS and macOS at some point. He'll be joined by other mythical creatures including the vampire, fairy (think Tinkerbell from Peter Pan), and the mermaid.

The company revealed numerous new additions earlier this year, including emoji depicting a woman in a headscarf and gender-neutral characters. Overall iOS users will get meaningful integration of Emoji in the latest update.

The food section is also getting some sumptuous additions, with a Chinese takeout box complete with chopsticks, a pie, and a piece of broccoli.

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