US Woman Sets Four-Year-Old Son on Fire in Bathtub

US Woman Sets Four-Year-Old Son on Fire in Bathtub

US Woman Sets Four-Year-Old Son on Fire in Bathtub

A Milwaukee mother accused in the death of her four-year-old son - her only child, who had autism, appeared in court Thursday, October 5th for the first time since charges were filed.

A criminal complaint states that Milwaukee firefighters found Antonio Di Stasio's lifeless body with his hands bound behind his back and a garbage bag over his head after responding to a call of smoke at an apartment on the morning of September 28.

His body was tied with seven belts and was badly burned.

The detective who wrote the complaint said that was significant because of the open bottle of cooking oil found at the crime scene.

A pet guinea pig was found drowned in its cage next to the tub, according to the complaint.

Grim details included the toddler having a plastic bag taped over his head and bound by seven belts, according to the criminal complaint. "I got to hope that Antonio is in heaven and I got to pray that Amelia gets help if she needs help and I believe she does", Amelia's father Ralph Di Stasio told the station.

According to a witness, the pair had moved into the building two months ago and the woman "wasn't friendly and kept to herself".

She said she heard the combine contending the day preceding the young man was killed, with Antonio saying "If you don't mind Mommy. I won't do it again!" On the morning Antonio died, she said she heard "a banging noise" coming from Amelia's apartment unit.

Authorities didn't find Di Stasio in the apartment when they arrived, but neighbors reported they saw a woman jumping out of a window from the 2nd floor apartment. The police found her later.

If convicted, Di Stasio faces life in prison. The witness further recalled hearing Di Stasio yell, "Shut up", the complaint stated.

Investigators found a note with a woman's name and telephone number on it in her purse. Specifically, the message board accessed by this phone detailed the ways to kill cannibals within the game.

"I [would] never think she could do some stuff like that", Amelia's brother, Anthony Bardwell, said. "I love my sister regardless and I know she was sick". The message board states the best way to kill a cannibal in-game is "with fire", according to WITI.

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