Lin-Manuel Miranda's Puerto Rico Hurricane Tribute Is 'Almost Like Praying'

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Puerto Rico Hurricane Tribute Is 'Almost Like Praying'

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Puerto Rico Hurricane Tribute Is 'Almost Like Praying'

"Sondheim wrote back immediately and said 'Yes - and what else can I do?'" Then he started singing in the bathroom.

The proceeds from "Almost Like Praying" will benefit The Hispanic Federation's Unidos Disaster Relief Fund.

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Miranda on Friday said he had no regrets about his comments. In "Almost Like Praying", he also employs lyrics from the musical West Side Story, which features Puerto Rican characters. I stayed in constant contact with my parents as we waited for word from our family on the island.

"I'm [talking] with him while Gloria Estefan is recording ["Almost Like Praying"] and Gloria Estefan goes, 'I'm flying to Puerto Rico for relief efforts tomorrow, '" Miranda recalled.

"I'm just trying to be where I can do the most good", he says.

The track is available to stream or purchase here. But the second part of his approach has been vehemently criticizing President Donald Trump's response to the Puerto Rican disaster - mostly on the president's own favorite platform, Twitter.

If you would like to contribute to the cause, Miranda's single can be downloaded here. "This is not an everyday occurrence". He added, "I'm not that guy".

"The President's tweets on Puerto Rico came, I think, as a result of an enormous amount of pressure from lots of people and I'm grateful to all those people for making noise about Puerto Rico and what's needed". After sending his rough draft to producer Trooko and cutting his vacation short to return to New York, Miranda "exhausted the Rolodex", gathering artists to contribute.

And where were Ricky Martin and Daddy Yankee, two of the biggest names in Latin music? "People saying we were going to go on vacation, now we're going to use that money and send it to Puerto Rico instead". One day, Miranda was working until almost 5 a.m. finishing the final mix.

According to the sources, it was not hard for Marinda to get big celebrities and musicians to feature in his new song as Luis Fonzi, the hit song Despacito's singer didn't even ask any question before saying yes as he just agreed when he was given the offer.

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